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This is my first crochet post, and I really need to write it down in english.


Because when I started as a very beginner in december 2012 I found fabulous patterns just in english language. I did not know anything about crochet. But I felt deeply in my womb I wanted to learn it. When I was in high school I collected an entire crochet magazine but I thought I could not be able to learn. I really thought I was terribly stupid, and basically clumsy.

So, those magazines have been stored and travelled with me around, patiently waiting for my inner signal to say “ok, here is the time, you can learn it!”. It arrived about 14 years later: such a beautiful one…


In december 2012 I was pregnant. I was in the third trimester, I had time to spend on “preparing the nest” (I’m sorry, in italian language we use this metaphor to indicate that tipical mummy need at the end of the pregnancy, which materializes in preparing the bedroom, clean the house, thinking about what baby will need in the first months and getting it… preparing the nest!).

And I wanted to learn something new, use my creativity which was overflowing in every aspect of my life. I found those magazine. There were too many words and few pics: my best way to learn something is to view, I really need to use my eyes to catch the movement, to get the concept. And I focused: I wanted to prepare some cotton toys for my baby, something I could fill with various materials to enrich his tactile experience… and maybe an afghan, or a baby blanket.

What I’ve found… beautiful ideas on the world wide web. In english. American and english blogs were full of free resources, just to get started. I was so happy! I think I spent some days looking around to explore, to find something easy to start with. I was afraid I could not learn. Maybe it was too difficult, maybe I should learn it when I was a child… no, I refused all these excuses. My desire pushed me over my mental limitations, my heart said “hey, here we are, you are thirty years old now, what could possibly go wrong? If you make a mistake, you will learn. Try.”

There it was: my little chance, La Petite Chance. Pregnancy gave me courage. The web gave me free resources to start. My mother-in-law gave me hooks. And yarn. My son… maybe he gave me some ideas!

Crochet basic vocabulary

In every pattern you could find some strange words as stitch, single crochet, double crochet, yarn over, wave in ends… maybe for an english native these could be common words, but for an italian native these may be so far as the moon to the earth. I will write down an english-italian vocabulary so that either english people and italian people could learn as I did.

The value of experience

Today I just wanted to emphasize the value of experience. Look at that cute ugly smart badass yellow bunny on the left… well, that was my first amigurumi ever. Look at the other one: I used the same pattern, the same yarn (not the same color…), the same hook size, my same hands… after two years practicing.



I love my yellow bunny. I filled it with dry beans and my son grasped and touched and pulled and chomped it a lot. It’s not perfect, it has one big eye and one very little, the stitches are wide, and look at its nose… but I love it. It witness my start point.

Even in our lives, we need to remember where and how we started.

We should not take for granted some point we reached, because our start was probably very different. In fact, we all start as embryo. All of us. We were such a little beautiful form of life in our mother’s womb, and now we probably are big complex humans, who are living our lives in ways embryo could not even conceive.

After my yellow bunny I tried and got so many amigurumi wrong, I trained and did something very beautiful (you’ll see in my next crochet posts). And got wrong again. This is a human common experience: we learn if we could make mistakes, notice them, and try again. And again. Here recure the title of my blog, La Petite Chance:

every day we could try again. We have the chance, every day of our life, maybe a very little chance, but we have it.

A chance to take that damn crochet hook, sit in front of our computer or a beginner book, and try to crochet. A chance to read, to discover some blogs, to ask other people how to do something new, something we would love to do, but we think we can not. A chance to take a deep breath, relax our shoulders, maybe stretch a little, and decide we are worth it.

These two bunnies are made with the same pattern. To make them the basics you have to know to start are:

  • starting with a magic ring
  • single crochet
  • increase (make two single crochet in one stitch) and decrease (get two stitches in one single crochet above)
  • and… you will need a crochet hook and some little yarn to start

That’s it. I’m not ready with tutorials and video, so you can just go on YouTube to see some great people teaching you how. And then, take your hook (make sure you have the hook size right for your yarn) and… enjoy!


1) 4 SC in magic ring
2) 2 SC in each ST (8)
3) *2 SC, SC in next ST* 4 times (12)
4) *2 SC, SC in next 2 ST* 4 times (16)
5) *2 SC, SC in next 3 ST* 4 times (20)
6 *2 SC, SC in next 4 ST* 4 times (24)
7) – 14) SC in every ST
15) start decr *2 SC TOG, SC in next 2 ST* up to finish the body


1) magic ring – 4 SC
2) *2SC in next ST, SC in next ST* 2 times (6)
3) *2SC in next ST, SC in next 2 ST* 2 times (8)
4) – 8) SC in each st around

Please, let me know how your first AmiBunny experience was, I will appreciate every feed-back you will write me.

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